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2018-10-15 - Currently, the GAUHPIL lists 566 Users from 34 Countries.

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Terms of Registration

In the following, the term "the user" denotes a human being of male or female sex, that registers in this database. With registration of the e-mail address, the user accepts the following terms:

1. Prime Directive

This database is open to all individuals, that are feeling being part of the Amiga community, be it active or former Amiga users or developers. Also welcome are all users of devices with operating systems or emulators that support Amiga software.

2. Amiga-User-List

2.1 Registration requires to enter a valid e-mail address. The password will be sent to this e-mail address.

2.2 The user enters any information of his own free will and can remove his entry from the database.

2.3 The user is liable to only enter correct details and keep his details always as up-to-date as possible.

2.4 The user agrees, that his details - with exception of the e-mail address and the password - can be made available to other users.

2.5 The user accepts, that references ("links"), especially such, that have been entered by other users and have not been made available to the public accessible GAUHPIL by the moderator, possibly can link to illegal web contents or web contents which is not suited for younger people. However, such references will be removed by the moderator, as soon as he is aware of them.


3.1 If the user enters an URL on the page "Update entry", he makes all information on this page available for the public accessible GAUHPIL.

3.2 Admittance of an entry to the public accessible GAUHPIL only happens through the moderator. There is no claim for this.

3.3 The moderator reserves the right to update the details on the page "Update entry" for any entry, without notifying the user.

4. Final Terms

4.1 The moderator reserves the right to remove any entry at any time from the database without giving a reason.

4.2 These terms can change at any time.

4.3 The user accepts, that he can be notified about changes by e-mail.

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