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2018-09-18 - Currently, the GAUHPIL lists 566 Users from 34 Countries.

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Here are some World Wide Web pages that refer to the GAUHPIL. These sites use the new URL.

Since May 20, 1999, the GAUHPIL is listed as one of "ANN's top links" on the right hand side of the Amiga Network News. Thanks, Yoshi! Amiga Network News

Amiga Link Directory Since May 25, 1999, the GAUHPIL is listed on the hotlist of, the best-known German site with news about the Amiga. In January, 2000 this hotlist has become the Amiga Link Directory. The GAUHPIL got an entry on February 17, 2000.

On July 3, 1999, Petra Struck also included a "Quick-Link" the GAUHPIL, in the section "Amiga Network", and wrote the first in a number of news reports about the GAUHPIL. Thanks, Petra, for supporting the GAUHPIL and the Amiga community in general!

Translations of articles appeared on the following sites: Czech Amiga News (Czech/English), AmiAngel (Danish), Amiga Impact (French), (Polish), (Russian), Amiga Information Center (Russian), AmiSpaTra (Spanish) and Amigart (Turkish).

The online magazine to first use the new URL in a report (on August 10, 2002) is the German Amiga Plus. Other sites that reported about the GAUHPIL are Amiga Future (German) and

Hall of Fame

The following individuals included a link to the GAUHPIL in their webpages. The link is on their general list of links, if not otherwise noted.

The links on these pages have been created using the new URL:

These pages use the old URL for the link:

Other References

There was a Mirror of the GAUHPIL in Norway, maintained by Pål Løberg to support the GAUHPIL while it was located on an FTP site. The mirror worked from 06.02.1995 until 05.08.1996.

The Amiga Home Page (the website formerly known as the "Amiga WWW Resource") referred to this GAUHPIL mirror site in Norway . Thanks to Michael Witbrock, who placed the GAUHPIL on his main page on August 19, 1994. At that time, the (unofficial) "Amiga Home Page" was the main source for Amiga resources on the Internet and placing the GAUHPIL on this page was one of the reasons for it growing so quickly. The Amiga Home Page retired around 1996.

The Amiga Web Directory was the most comprehensive guide to Amiga information in the World Wide Web. It existed from 1994 to 1999. Since 1996, the Amiga Web Directory referred to the mirror site in Norway. Since January 6, 1999, it referred to the Geographical Amiga Users Home Page Internet List via the redirector The link was on the list of "Other Links".

The following sites still use for the link.

A link to the GAUHPIL is on SLO & Amiga, an information service about the slovenian leg of the Amiga community.

SLO & Amiga

Czech Amiga News

Since July 3, 1999, there is a link to the GAUHPIL on the Links page of Czech Amiga News (see category Others). This page has a nice feature, by the way: behind each link is a tiny flag for each available language.

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