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2018-09-18 - Currently, the GAUHPIL lists 566 Users from 34 Countries.

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Welcome to the GAUHPIL!

"On the first day, each of us pointed at his country.
On the third day, each pointed at his continent.
Since the fifth day, we just saw the earth as the one, whole planet."

Sultan Ben Salman Al-Saud, arabian astronaut

Hello! This is your gateway to the Amiga community.

The GAUHPIL is a moderated database of Home Pages of Amiga Users, ordered Geographically by continent and country.

The users of each continent can be shown with the links in the menu above. Additionally, all countries can be reached from the main page. The main page can be shown with the link "All Countries" at any given time.

Behind each name, the list shows the languages in which the homepage of the user is available. Behind that there are often some short notes about projects of the respective user.

I have also included some, few links to special contents like Aminet, but the main aim is to provide the Amiga community with an easy-to-use list of personal homepages of Amiga users.

How you can contribute...

The rules of the GAUHPIL are as simple as follows:

  1. If you find your name on this list and you do not want to be mentioned here just let me know and I will remove the entry.

  2. If you own an Amiga-related homepage, you can enter yourself into the database using the link "Register". This requires the following information:

    1. A valid e-mail address.
    2. The country in which you live (If not on the list, please select "other country").
    3. Your real first and last name, which should be to find on your homepage, so the link can be checked.
    4. The web address (or "Uniform Resource Locator") of the homepage. If you link to a directory, please append a / (this is always a good idea since it saves one access and therefore the time of your visitor).
    5. If you like: your nickname.
    6. Also optional: a note, like, for example, your own project (website/software) or the center of your interest (music/raytracing).
    7. Finally: the languages, in which your homepage is available. Please do not mention translation services, only real translations (translation services are IMHO not that good, and if someone needs/likes them, this person will call them anyway).

  3. If there is a broken link on the GAUHPIL, try it again one day later. In case it is still broken, please let me know this! It is good for all visitors, if old links get removed.

The entry will not be displayed in the list automatically, this requires an activation. After registration, an e-mail will be sent to me automatically. I can not promise to react very fast on this mail, but until now it has happened within 24 hours, and the entry appears on top of the "New Links List".

How you can support the GAUHPIL...

Please tell every Amiga user you know, about this service. You can link the GAUHPIL on your webpages at an appropriate place. There are even some banners for this purpose.

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