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2018-10-15 - Currently, the GAUHPIL lists 566 Users from 34 Countries.

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The History of the GAUHPIL

On these pages, you can read about the modifications of the GAUHPIL and other important information concerning this service. They also show you the number of name entries and countries available so far. (BTW: The News page shows recent changes on all my web projects.)

Years: 1994 - 1995 - 1996 - 1997 - 1998 - 1999 - 2000 - 2001 - 2002 - 2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006 - 2007 - 2008 - 2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017 - 2018

2000-11-22 - Added some New Links in Europe and America and moved some Lost Links.
Hint#396: Achim Stegemann, Germany (new URL)
Hint#395: Thorsten Willert, Germany (new URL)
Hint#394: Curtis Yallop, Canada (URL of Drew Bowering)
There are now 975 users from 38 countries listed.

2000-11-03 - The Layout of the index page has changed a bit. The Lost Links List now shows broken links moved there in November. Added some new links in Australia and Europe.
There are now 972 users from 38 countries listed.

2000-10-17 - More Hints:
Hint#393: Rick Rudge, Oregon, USA
Hint#392: Nikola Tomic, Yugoslavia
Hint#391: Thomas Igracki, Germany (new URL)
Hint#390: Antun Pejakovic, Norway (new URL)
There are now 965 users from 38 countries listed.

2000-07-17 - More Hints:
Hint#389: Nicolas Ramz, France (new URL)
Hint#388: Philippe-André Bourdin, Switzerland
Hint#387: Thomas Aglassinger, Austria (new URL)
Hint#386: Ethan R. Dicks, Antarctica (new URL)
Hint#329: Markus Schmidt, Germany (new URL)
Hint#228: Soyeb Aswat, United Kingdom (lost & found)
There are now 963 users from 38 countries listed.

2000-06-12 - German Translation completed
From now on, most of the GAUHPIL pages show a bilingual navigation bar..
Hint#385: Richard E. Kapp, Austria
There are now 961 users from 38 countries listed.

2000-06-05 - More Hints:
Hint#384: Grzegorz TloLka, Poland
Hint#383: Thibault Jaimon, France
Hint#382: Matthias Bethke, Germany
Hint#381: Gian Luca Diana, Italy
Hint#380: Anders Ericsson, Sweden
Hint#378-379: Mathias Parnaudeau, France (2 URLs)
There are now 960 users from 38 countries listed.

2000-06-02 - Updated the References, Banners and Related Sites pages.
There is a new, smaller logo on the Banners page.

2000-05-28 - More Hints:
Hint#377: Simon Noble, New Zealand
Hint#376: Ronald Soult, Germany
Hint#375: Craig Hutchison, Australia
Hint#374: Alan L. M. Buxey, United Kingdom (new URL)
Hint#373: Gregory Donner, USA
Hint#372: Alexander Richter, Germany
Hint#371: Martin Merz, Germany
Hint#370: Hynek Schlawack, Germany
Hint#368-369: Walter Michael Gehring, Germany (2 URLs)
Hint#183: Adam Hough, Canada (lost & found)
There are now 943 users from 38 countries listed.

2000-05-17 - 37th and 38th country: Russia, United Arab Emirates
Hint#367: Kai Lippok, Germany
Hint#366: Shane Ward, Australia
Hint#365: Matteo Cavalleri, Italy (new URL)
Hint#364: Michael Christoph, Germany (already listed)
Hint#363: John Paul Copeland, Canada
Hint#362: Haider Tuaima, United Arab Emirates - 38th country
Hint#361: Brian Heckert, USA
Hint#360: Timothy Hartley, USA
Hint#359: Mike Bouma, Netherlands (new URL)
Hint#358: Alexandre Balaban, France
Hint#357: Hogne Titlestad, Norway
Hint#356: Jarle Eidet, Norway
Hint#355: Walid Moghrabi, France
Hint#354: Lorens Johansson, Sweden (new URL)
Hint#353: Angelo Theodorou, Italy
Hint#352: John Girvin, United Kingdom (already listed)
Hint#351: John Niclasen, Denmark
Hint#350: Stefan Kost, Germany (already listed)
Hint#348-349: Andrew Boyarintsev, Russia (first two names from Russia)
Hint#347: Daniel S. Pisanec, Germany (new URL)
Hint#345-346: Andreas Wolf, Germany (2 URLs lost & found)
Hint#299: Gérard Cornu, France (new URL)
Hint#253: Jörg Höhle, Germany (new URL)
Hint#227: Aric R. Caley, USA (new URL)
Hint#222: Pete Wason, USA (new URL)
There are now 933 users from 38 countries listed.

2000-05-07 - 30 new users and 7 new URLs in Australia, Europe, America
Some lost links moved to the Lost Links List. Minor updates on the References and Related Sites pages.
There are now 914 users from 36 countries listed.

[Meanwhile I made 2 new releases on the AFD-COPYRIGHT Official Support Site.]

2000-03-12 - 9 new users in Europe
Hint#344: Jan Tore Sandvik, Norway
There are now 895 users from 36 countries listed.

Hint#343: Stian Strøm, Norway
Hint#342: Tommy Tamsen, Denmark
Hint#159: Jürgen Mayer, Germany (new URL)
There are now 886 users from 36 countries listed.

Hint#341: Franck Di Bugno, France
Hint#217: Marcel Beck, Switzerland (new URL)
There are now 884 users from 36 countries listed.

2000-02-07 - 5 new users in America & Europe
There are now 883 users from 36 countries listed.

2000-02-03 - More References in the Hall of Fame
Hint#340: Francesco Dipietromaria, Italy (lost & found)
There are now 878 users from 36 countries listed.

Hint#240: Kai M. Bolay, Germany (new URL)
There are now 877 users from 36 countries listed.

Hint#339: Martin Sahlén, Sweden (new URL)
There are now 877 users from 36 countries listed.

2000-01-31 - Checked all old mail addresses!
Hint#338: Amund Gjerde Gjendem, Norway
Hint#337: Markus Lamers, Germany (new URL)
Hint#336: Kolbjørn Barmen, Norway (new URL)
Hint#102: Volker Schmidt, Germany (lost & found)
Hint#087: François Parmentier, France (lost & found)
Hint#078: Scott Ellis, United States of America (lost & found)
There are now 877 users from 36 countries listed.

2000-01-23 - New Title Page!
The new frontend page will possibly show a world map later on. Currently I use it to list all countries and to display a "news message". The advantages of this page are, that I can use the re-director URL for the HTML checker links and also, that it loads faster than the welcome page, which is mostly interesting for new visitors, anyway.
I just finished a complete check of all links on the America page. The lost links are moved to the Lost Links List. Any help is appreciated.
There are now 875 users from 36 countries listed.

Hint#335: Marion E. Wyatt, USA
There are now 882 users from 36 countries listed.

2000-01-07 - 36th country: Yugoslavia!
Hint#334: Heiko Müller, Germany (new URL)
There are now 881 users from 36 countries listed.

2000-01-01 - I started this new page since the year 1999 is over.

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