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2018-10-15 - Currently, the GAUHPIL lists 566 Users from 34 Countries.

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The History of the GAUHPIL

On these pages, you can read about the modifications of the GAUHPIL and other important information concerning this service. They also show you the number of name entries and countries available so far. (BTW: The News page shows recent changes on all my web projects.)

Years: 1994 - 1995 - 1996 - 1997 - 1998 - 1999 - 2000 - 2001 - 2002 - 2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006 - 2007 - 2008 - 2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017 - 2018

1999-12-05 - Quick Update
Hint#333: Robin Hueskes, Germany
Hint#332: René Laederach, Switzerland
Hint#331: Markus Schmidt, Germany (URL of Jörg Thomas)
Hint#330: Jean Martin Holzammer, Germany (new URL)
Hint#329: Markus Schmidt, Germany (new URL)
Hint#072: Daniel Joseph Howard, USA (new URL)
There are now 872 users from 35 countries listed.

1999-10-27 - 35th country: Philippines! (The GAUHPIL has moved again)
I checked a lot of links, added some new ones. The new links are now also listed on a special New Links List. Lost links are moved to the Lost Links List. Now all pages have the navigation menu at the top and at the bottom.
Hint#328: Ben Preece, United Kingdom
Hint#327: Wilfred van Velzen, Netherlands
Hint#227: Aric R. Caley, California, USA (URL changed: lost & found)
Hint#073: Ed Hoffman, Ohio, USA (URL changed: lost & found)
There are now 864 users from 35 countries listed.

1999-09-12 - First user found in 34rd country: Antarctica!!!
Found 84 new users in Antarctica, Australia, Europe and North America. Some links got lost. See Lost Links List.
I did some changes on the navigation menu at the top and now also at the bottom) of most pages.
Hint#326: Paul Tibbals, USA
Hint#325: Martin Tauchmann, Germany (already listed)
Hint#323-324: Dámaso Domínguez, Spain (2 more URLs)
There are now 870 users from 34 countries on 7 continents listed.

1999-08-17 - 3 new users in Germany, Spain and Turkey.
Hint#322: Emrah Baskaya, Turkey
Hint#321: Dámaso Domínguez, Spain
Hint#320: Volker Schmidt, Germany (URL of (his son) Maik's homepage)
There are now 798 users from 33 countries listed.

1999-08-15 - 10 new users in Austria, France, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom.
Hint#319: Arno Richter, Austria
Hint#318: Mike Carter, United Kingdom
There are now 795 users from 33 countries listed.

1999-08-12 - Fifth Online Anniversary!!!
46 new users in America and Europe.
New! German translation of the GAUHPIL.
There are now 785 users from 33 countries listed.

1999-07-26 - 1 new user in Germany
Hint#317: Cengiz Topuzoglu, Germany
There are now 739 users from 33 countries listed.

1999-07-16 - 17 new users in Germany
There are now 738 users from 33 countries listed.

1999-07-14 - 33rd country: Turkey
Hint#316: Mehmet Sait Ergören, Turkey
There are now 721 users from 33 countries listed.

1999-07-12 - 11 new users in Germany
Hint#315: Michael Burkhardt, Germany
There are now 720 users from 32 countries listed.

1999-07-10 - 13 new users in Germany, Luxembourg, United Kingdom
Hint#314: Martin Baute, Germany
Hint#313: Raoul Hoffmann, Luxembourg
Hint#310-312: Stefan Schulze, Germany (3 names)
Hint#309: Björn Schwemmer, Germany
Hint#308: Alexander Werner Günzel, Germany
Hint#285: Nick Waterman, United Kingdom (URL changed: lost & found)
There are now 709 users from 32 countries listed.

1999-07-04 - 17 new users in Australia and Europe
Hint#307: Martin Heine, Germany
Hint#306: Albert Delion, Germany
Hint#304-305: Stefan Martens, Germany (2 URLs)
Hint#303: Petra Struck, Germany (URL of Torsten Moll)
Hint#302: Jürgen Müller, Germany
Hint#301: Thomas Lorenz, Germany
Hint#300: Viggo Hinrichsen, Denmark
Hint#299: Gérard Cornu, France
Hint#298: Rainer Kalthoff, Germany
Hint#257: Jérôme Chesnot, France (URL changed)
There are now 696 users from 32 countries listed.

1999-05-24 - 4 new users in Germany - Lost Links List cleaned up!
The GAUHPIL has moved again - this time the URL will be redirected automatically! ;-)

The Lost Links List finally is cleaned up. I found four working links in Germany and deleted the rest. Only one link from Singapore is left to show that there was a homepage in that country. (Other resources show that there are even Amiga users in countries such as Korea, Malaysia and Russia.)
From now on, broken links will be moved to the Lost Links List, as soon as they are recognised, to keep the quality of the GAUHPIL on a high level.
There are now 679 users from 32 countries listed.

1999-05-20 - First hits from remote link sites on the statistics!
The first ever referer information was listed on the statistics ( - Link by Marcio Esper, Brasil).
Since May 20, 1999, the GAUHPIL is listed on the "ANN's top links" ( - by Christian Kemp, Luxembourg).

1999-05-16 - 40 new users in Africa, Australia, Europe and North America - 32nd country: Egypt!
There are now 675 users from 32 countries listed.

1999-05-02 - 35 new users in Australia, Canada, Europe and USA
A new page with other "Amiga User Related Sites" was added.
Hint#297: Brad Webb, USA
Hint#296: Michael P. Klinosky, PA, USA (already listed)
Hint#295: Steven Solie, Alberta, Canada
Hint#294: Bob Akerberg, Iowa, USA (already listed)
Hint#293: Ben Braendle, Switzerland
There are now 635 users from 31 countries listed.

1999-04-25 - 52 new users in Australia, Europe and USA
The lost links list was cleaned up a bit.
There are now 600 users from 31 countries listed.

1999-04-11 - 103 new users in Australia, Europe, Japan, New Zealand and North America - Japan is back on the list!
The References list was moved to the GAUHPIL directory. It includes 2 animated banners showing the URL
There are now 548 users from 31 countries listed.

1999-03-28 - 45 new users in America, Europe and New Zealand
Hint#292: Marcio Esper, Brasil
Hint#291: Christian Kemp, URL of Georges Heinesch, both Luxembourg
There are now 445 users from 30 countries listed.

1999-03-22 - 31 new users in Europe and USA
Hint#290: Johan Rasten, Sweden
There are now 400 users from 30 countries listed.

1999-03-07 - 35 new users in Australia, Europe, North America - Slovenia is back on the list!
The related site part was added to the welcome page.
There are now 369 users from 30 countries listed.

1999-01-31 - 16 new users in Europe! - Czech Republic is back on the list!
There are now 334 users from 29 countries listed.

1999-01-24 - 27 new users in America, Australia and Europe!
I had to remove another 2 names (not Amiga-related).
There are now 318 users from 28 countries listed.

1999-01-01 - I started this new page since the year 1998 is over.

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